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Master Jett was my master for several years at another dojang. Were it not for him, I never would have achieved Black Belt at age 60; I struggled with everything. He is both patient and proficient, and I highly recommend him for a student of any age. I miss working with him since he moved and wish JMA sucess.


JMA is the BEST!!! It's my daughters other family as she calls it. She walks in the door and a smile immediately comes to her face. JMA is not only welcoming but also puts you at ease if you think something will every happen to your child. You couldn't find a better place to go.

Mother of a Black Belt Student

Jett Martial Arts (MA) is the best Dojang in Fredericksburg and now in Stafford as well. Jett MA just opened up a second location off Courthouse Road (I-95 exit 140) located at 1629 Publix Wy #101, Stafford, VA 22554. Jett MA has been such an amazing experience for our family. We previously attended another Dojang but left due to staff and parent personality conflicts. We are so glad that we did, otherwise, we would not have found Jett MA. Master Jett is a 7th Dan (Degree) Black Belt, and he PERSONALLY TEACHES classes. He previously served in the South Korean military, where he honed his Tae Kwon Do (TKD) skills, and he now shares those amazing skills with us! We're so grateful to be part of the Jett MA Family because it is like a family!! The other Jett MA TKD Masters, such as Master Chris, Master Jen, Master Sarah, along with the assistant instructors have all made our family feel welcome and work with each student, regardless of their ability level. The entire staff from Ms. HeLee (Master Jett's wife) to the other masters and the assistant instructors are incredible!!! They're are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging!!! We were apprehensive when we left our first Dojang, but we could not have, I believe, landed at a better Dojang than Jett MA. There's generally three to five instructors teaching the various levels during ANY GIVEN CLASS!!!! Not only is the small group instruction absolutely phenomenal, but it is also a pleasure to attend classes each week. I am motivated to exercise, practice MA, and keep improving weekly. At Jett MA, they not only inspire you to exceed your goals but also help you every step of the way!!!!! If you are not sure you'd like to join or you're on-the-fence about it, give Jett MA a try by taking advantage of their free classes. Then, sign up to be part of our Jett MA TKD Family. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY, AND WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN US!!!!!! Jett MA offers a number of different plans depending on the number of students and your budget.


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