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About Us

Jett Martial Arts was founded by Master Jett  Lee. Master Jett is one of the leading Taekwondo instructors in virginia. He is both a former Korean Army Instructor and a Yong-In University Alumni, with over 30 years of martial art experience.

Master Jett continues to be highly involved in the operation of our studio. 

He personally developed the curriculum taught in our centers and designed it to be a balance of traditional Taekwondo forms, practical self defense, and make Taekwondo FUN!

Master Jett's  philosophy is that Taekwondo is about self-improvement as well as self-defense. This is evident in our teaching methods. Our instructors focus on teaching “life skills” just as much as physical techniques. We help students of all levels to gain increased focus, confidence, and determination that they can apply to all areas of their life.

Our Mission Statement

  • Guide students of all ages to reach their goals and their maximum potential, enhancing the quality of each individual's life. 

  • Foster individual internalization of Martial Arts- achieving equilibrium and making it possible for everyone to experience spiritual, mental, and physical harmony. 

  • Continually educate and train ourselves and update our skills in communication and instruction to maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom. 

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